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Parahacker | Veteran Programmer. | Serial Rails Developer. | I like to Solve Problems. | I love to write code. | I adore solving problems with code.

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Thom Parkin

Parahacker. Serial Rails Developer. Technical Author.


Back-End Web Development
Programming Polyglot
Technical Writing/Open Source

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I have been working on the Internet since 2002, when it was very young.
Before that I had built electronic circuits from discrete parts and wrote software utilities in ASSEMBLY Language.

An insatiable "Hacker" spirit drives me to incessantly explore, study, dissect and learn new techniques and technologies.

A Technical Trainer, Author, Screencaster and Avid Logophile, when faced with a "Glass Half Empty" problem, I believe The Glass was Over Designed.

Currently working full-time on a DoD contract for the US Air Force, with an Active Security Clearance.
Previously worked as the senior developer responsible for, powered by a set of microservices including several Rails APIs.More.

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What is a ParaHacker?

40+ Years of Technical Experience

Technical Instruction

Languages / Technologies / Sites

  • Ruby on Rails / Capistrano / Bundler
  • Heroku / Docker / JavaScript
  • HTML / CSS / TypeScript
  • Angular / Node.JS
  • Security+ Certified
  • git / Git
  • Azure /.NET MVC (C#)
  • MySQL / PostgeSQL / MSSQL / MongoDB

Open Source Contributor

Regular, consistent contributions to Open Source Software keep my skills sharp. It also provides an invaluable opportunity to learn from others whom I admire and emulate.
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Available for Full-Time or Contract

I am always interested in new technology challenges and would welcome an opportunity to apply my creative talents and unique set of skills to Solving Problems

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30+ Years in Technology

Software Development

Open Source Software

I am an active contributor to Open Source Software.

Various Projects


CyberSecurity Specialist

Security+ Certified

SEIC II US Air Force Mission Planning - Code Security and HP Fortify Static Code Analysis Scan



Senior Ruby Engineer

Full-time Developer responsible for the Rails API (back-end) for Disciplr; the 175+ year old (Non-Profit) Publisher's foray into "The Digital Age".

David C. Cook

2015 - 2017

Software Test Engineer

I provided Integration and Verification Testing on the Systems Engineering & Integration Contract (SEIC) for Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) on a DoD contract for the US Air Force.
In addition, I provided Training to Developers World-Wide.


2006 - 2015

Emerging Technology


I provided support and on-site training for technicians for the AVST CallXpress product, the earliest of Internet-enabled, Computer-based, Voice Processing Systems.

Applied Voice Technology

2003 - 2005

Voice Processing Systems

I worked on the emerging Internet Technologies as a Product Specialist and Senior Systems Engineer for Lucent Technologies.

Lucent Technologies

1998 - 2002

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Drop me a message or give me a call. I would love to help you solve technology problems.

Passionate about Technology, I am a ParaHacker.

  • I like solving problems
  • I love writing code
  • I adore writing code that solves problems